Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Pig-123 winter blows

Wednesday was more of the same Arctic temperatures and new snow. Making it even worse was the gross nasty 100% cloud cover gray barf sky. At least the past week was too cold to run but we could say "at least it's sunny." Yeah, not today.

Thankfully Hal only wanted 3 miles. Hilly miles, if I'm doing the Wednesday "intermediate 2" plan, which is my intention - intermediate 1 all week, with the added challenge of speed or hills, etc. on Wednesdays.

It took all day, but I got it done, Netflixing to Fuller House hah Hey, whatever works!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Pig-124 Baby it's cold outside!

The "high" temperature today was 10 degrees. Need I say any more...?

Hal wanted 5 easy miles. Basement TM, set it and forget it (although I did increase a little with 15 minutes, 8 minutes and 5 remaining). What's interesting is I held my phone the whole time because I was listening to book reviews on YouTube then hit up Spotify for some 90s one-hit wonders. Through it all, my phone tracked my mileage. After running 55 easy minutes, it had me at 5.5 miles for the day, so I'm not terribly off track on the pace. I'm not even worrying about pace, especially while the cold has me trapped inside. Build endurance, slow ride, take it easy.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Pig-125 The first run

I appreciate the timing that my first scheduled training run was on New Years Day. The years I did the Martian and Toledo, I had to start training in mid-December, which was way too early!

Anyway, the weather is atrocious. The "high" temperature is about 10, wind chill is well below zero and there's a ton of snow on the ground. Really thankful today that the new house has a creaky old treadmill in the basement! The Pig is always hot and humid anyway, so I need to be prepared for that, not for a snow run! The TM display doesn't work, and the early stages of training are focused on building endurance anyway. I set it at a moderate pace, slow enough that I could sing along to my music, and ran for 33 minutes. I figured that's roughly 3 miles. Felt great!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Pig minus 126

And we're back! The Flying Pig is 126 days from today, 18 weeks. Counting today as the first training day and counting race day, it's 127 days. Back to training, back to Hal Higdon, back to cross training with Jake Maulin via YouTube classes.

Day 1 - cross training, defined as any exercise of approximately 30 minutes that isn't running.

I'm doing exactly one marathon this year. I'm too old to do more than one! It's too much work, too much time, too much of a commitment. I don't need any more shirts, don't need any more medals, don't need any more race stories. If the Martians ask me to sweep again, I'll offer to do the half - the full was detrimental to Cincinnati. This year it's just my little Piggie and me!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The day I overdid it

I have weak glutes. Since it's the offseason, I may as well work on that. Saturday was gross weather and I sure wasn't going outside, so I warmed up on the creaky basement treadmill for 15 minutes, then started squats and lunges. I didn't even count - probably 50 of each then finished with another 10-minute walk.

The next day...

My quads were screaming! They felt as sore as the day after a marathon! Crazy!!! Going downstairs was especially painful. My glutes didn't even hurt, which tells me I did everything all wrong :(

Monday, December 4, 2017


Last year Chicago moved their lottery from March / April to November. This year was the same. Last year I was absolutely certain eleven months ahead of time that I wanted to do it. This year I was similarly positive that I didn't want to even try the lottery game. The lottery window opened, a week later they sent another reminder email, the next week one more reminder, then finally a last day last chance to enter email. I deleted every email and let it go.

Chicago didn't go well this year and I've been saying since July that I'm not doing a fall 2018 marathon. It's super expensive between the race entry and a hotel. Even more than the financial cost, I don't want to invest the time or wear and tear.

Detroit opened early registration today and they have a new challenge for 2018 - 1 mile, 5k and full. It's the sort of thing that's right up my alley, but too much time and money. Nothing fall 2018. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Thursday, November 9, 2017


I'm fine...

I'm a total klutz. If there is something to stumble over, or a corner to bang into, I'll find it. After Wednesday, I can add in "tripping over perfectly flat, clear sidewalk..."

It was in the low 40s and sunny. The temperature would have been appropriate for either shorts or pants. I had worn my black tights to work, so I ran in them. At the last second I grabbed my favorite running gloves. The plan was slow and easy, work on stamina, don't stress out my body. Basically log 2-3 garbage miles.

Mile 1.6 I was across the street from a school I used to work at. I was running across a driveway that had zero leaves, no water, nothing. Obviously then I tripped over nothing. In the two seconds it took me to fall, the longest seconds of the day when I knew I was going down and there was nothing I could do to prevent it, I thought about how to minimize the fall, and most importantly how to make sure my head didn't hit! I could deal with a sprained wrist, a broken leg. What I can't deal with is a chipped tooth!

I landed on the palms of my hands and knees! Ouch! Immediately a kid at the school asked if I was ok. Um, yes? Define "ok."

I sat there for a few minutes, assessing the damage. My favorite gloves were shredded through the palms, but my hands only got minor scrapes. My very expensive Christmas gift Athleta pants kept all the skin on my knees while managing to not get torn! And I wasn't bleeding (I would have gone to the school for first aid rather than drip blood all the way home).

Hours later, my hands had two small friction burns, my knees had some friction burn and it felt like they're going to bruise. My triceps were sore too, but nothing was that bad considering I ran another 1.7 miles after I picked up myself.

It could have been so much worse. Pants and gloves kept my skin on my body, and sometimes I run with my phone in hand listening to YouTube book reviews (lol Nerd!!!!). This time, I had the old iPod shuffle clipped to my pants. It survived better than I did!

I was wearing brand new shoes, and I think what happened is that they're a lot "grippier" than the old worn out soles. I think my shoe gripped the sidewalk, stayed in place, and inertia kept my body going. Oops!