Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Better than nothing

My motivational problems continue and the dreary flat gray sky didn't help any yesterday. After I slept in late, watched the Tigers game, read a chapter for grad school and did basically everything I could to procrastinate, I finally dragged myself to the gym. I've gained a few pounds over the past weeks and I went to combat that weight if nothing else.

I got there after 5, which is the busiest time of the day, but my favorite bike was available - out of the ten or twelve bikes they have, I like exactly one - so I made a beeline for it lest someone beat me there, turned on my iPod and isolated myself from the world. 56 minutes later I was pouring sweat but I had finished 15 miles and burnt 950 calories (according to The Daily Plate which is based on my weight, unlike the bike's counter which is based on a 150-pound person).

It's pretty bad that I'd much rather bike 56 minutes than do the run, which was only scheduled for 3 crummy miles. I would have finished the run in under 30 minutes, but it was somehow easier and more enjoyable to bike double the time. Too bad I can't bike my way through the marathon :) I worked my heart and legs for almost an hour so it wasn't a total wash, certainly better than anything else I had done all day.

After dinner (a subway 12-inch baked chicken on 9-grain bread with lots of veggies, but no cheese or dressing) I watched The Biggest Loser (I dvr it then fastforward all the drama and the entire episode gets condensed to about 35 minutes) and they were "training" for a marathon. I generally like the show's message about eating right and taking personal responsibility for the success or failure of one's weight, but this marathon was awful! It appeared to have been sprung on the contestants and they had 30 days to prepare. 30 day?! Don't most people train for 6 months? or longer? One of the contestants said he was outside walking 20 miles every day. One of the trainers should have interjected that walking 20 miles every day is too much! Every training program I've found has exactly ONE 20-mile day and mine is September 25. I can't wait!!! < / sarcasm >

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