Saturday, May 29, 2010

Getting it over with early

When left to my own devices, I generally sleep until 11 or noon. Today, however, I was up at 9:30, wide awake from the sunlight streaming throughout the house. It was still somewhat cool and the humidity was low, so I grabbed a muffin and headed off to run before it got any hotter. The park was nearly empty, half the route was in the shade and the wind I complained about weeks ago was a nice gentle breeze today. I felt so great that I hit the Y immediately after for a few miles on the bike then walked a mile on the treadmill at a 9% incline.

Later in the day it got ridiculously hot and now I'm flipping between the Tigers game and Harry Potter so I'm glad I got it over with - it would be hard to give up either in favor of running :) I know later in the summer the morning will be my only option and this was a great way to start the morning run! (of course it's all relative. In a few weeks 10am won't be cool but once the schools close I can wake up with the sun then nap in the afternoon...)

I had been worried about getting dehydrated with running so soon after waking but it wasn't an issue. Even better, I went 3 minutes faster than I had on Wednesday. It was all good today!


  1. Its tough getting up before the sun and hitting the road, but I actually do enjoy it. Plus, it feels great to have the workout done, before most are out of bed. I really need to get back to doing this.

    Bring some running gear tomorrow if you want and we can run. Trail run, if you're up for that.

  2. If you had brought clothes, we could be running instead of sitting here watching Mamma Mia!
    The parade was hot. You should borrow some shoes from me and we can go run on the trail with the Ty guy