Monday, May 3, 2010

Round and Round and Round I Go

My absolute favorite place to run is the YMCA track. It's climate controlled so I never get too hot or too cold, I don't have to worry about sunblock or dogs, I can safely listen to music without needing to hear the environment. I can go late at night without giving my safety a second thought. Water is always available (I leave my water bottle on the railing or in the window ledges so I can drink without stopping). For distraction, I can watch children's basketball games or climbing wall parties and every so often I can catch the Tigers score on tv.

Is it boring where ten laps equals one mile? Sure, but isn't running boring regardless of where it's done? I like using the track because I don't have a clear sense of what a 9-minute mile feels like, versus a 10-minute mile, etc. I use the stopwatch on my iPod and track every lap so I find out every 54 seconds if I'm at a good pace, or if it's 1:04 I know I need to speed up.

While I would be quite comfortable running 262 laps and calling it a completed marathon, I know that the actual race is outside, so that's exactly where I need to be. My knees need to start pounding concrete, I need to figure out what to wear for the weather, which sunglasses fit the best, everything I don't give a second thought at the Y.

Why do I feel like I'll be restarting the training? I do pretty alright at the Y but my brother likes to remind me that running outside is a completely different game. Thanks for the vote of confidence, bro!


  1. You want a different game? Come out here and do a trail run with me...... By the way, you want a spare heart rate monitor we've got laying around? It only measures heart rate, and pretty much nothing else. Maybe it has a stopwatch and tells time. I'd really recommend a polar setup, especially once you go outside.

  2. Very cool! Congrats and good luck. I ran this marathon two years ago and plan to do the half this year. Usually I run about ten races a year but injuries have me somewhat sidelined. Good luck w/ training and GET OUTSIDE before it gets too hot to do it. Your bro is right...its a different animal. PS: avoid trail runs unless you love injuries. :)

  3. Hi michelle!!!!!
    I'm really inspired by your story here. I ran the detroit half marathon last year for the first time and now i want to tackle the full. I havent decided yet, but you certainly put the confidence in me. good luck training i know you'll rock it!