Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Best run yet

This afternoon was 78 degrees, 53 percent humidity and cooled by a 7 mph breeze. It was hot and felt somewhat muggy but wound up being the best run I've had thus far. I had to pick up a new pair of shoes at the running store a stone's throw from Mom's house so rather than go back to the park and the monotony of laps I mapped out a 3 mile course around her house. is a decent website for calculating distance. It's full of ads and pop-ups but if you can get through those it's pretty good to either search for existing runs or calculate your own based on either a street view or a satellite view. It's free too :)

I mapped out a 3.05 mile run, grabbed the iPod (and sunblock, but not above my eyes!!!) and headed out. I read before that it's better on the joints to run in the street than the sidewalk because the former gives a tiny bit of cushion, the latter giving absolutely nothing. Where it's low traffic areas I try to follow that advice and today worked out great. There was almost no traffic and plenty of trees. It was also garbage day so there were no parked cars to dodge. Yes the trash liquid leaking on the streets smelled awful but whatever. It gave me incentive to run away from it :)

When it was all said and done I finished the 3.05 in 27:41, another personal best time for me, which destroyed the old of 28:13. Even better, it barely felt like work. Sure, I was aware that I was sweating and breathing hard, but the time went quickly and I didn't agonize over every step. I didn't even hit song #9 on the ultimate cardio playlist which has always been the signal that I need to wrap up the 3 miles. I tried to not think and the time went quickly. Maybe the answer is to not think? Not sure how easy that will be...

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