Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why are the short runs the hardest?

After my six miles on Saturday, I would have thought running 3 and 4 this week would be super easy. The four was ok enough, but the second three mile day was the hardest of the week and I don't understand why! It's a measly three miles. I regularly finish it between 27:40 and 28:30, so why at Elizabeth Park did I struggle to finish under 31 minutes? Granted the park lap is 1.05 miles so doing three laps gave me an extra minute or so. Even with that consideration, why did my per mile time jump from 9:23 on Tuesday to almost 10 minutes on Wednesday?

It's easy to get myself geared up to run 6 miles, but I seem to have this idea that 3 is absolutely nothing, that I can do it without any effort. Yet every time I run the distance I'm reminded that it's a decent length. I think the problem is that I tell myself 3 miles is a piece of cake, when in reality I spent nine weeks gearing up to run 3 miles. I'd almost rather do the longer distances because I can mentally prepare for those better.

Yet running 3 miles - in whatever time - really isn't that terrible. The time goes fast and I'd much rather run for 28 minutes than, say, stare at the wall. I'd definitely rather run than sit in traffic. Maybe I'll become a runner before this is all said and done..? Or maybe not. I tend to prefer the results to the process.

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