Friday, July 16, 2010

The first step back

After resting my leg all week, the pain has downgraded to a slight discomfort and the limp that made it almost impossible to walk on Saturday became very slight. Biking, squats, lunges all felt ok so it was time to test my leg with running. I wasn't foolish enough (or stubborn enough) to look at my calendar, see 4 miles for today and plan to run that. I thought one mile would be a good start. I barely made it 30 steps. Could I have kept going? Sure, but at what cost? The pain was immediate as was a severe limp of my body screaming in protest and trying to protect my right leg.

So I did what I should have been doing all week - changed into my swim suit and climbed into the hot tub, trying my hardest to ignore the screaming children who were surely peeing in the tiny pool. I sat right next to a jet and moved every few minutes, hitting my knee to my hip and back. Came home and iced it for 20 minutes, then heating padded it for another 20. It seems to be back to a slight to moderate pain.

If I was just running for fitness, I wouldn't care about taking off a week or a month, or I would bike hard 4 times a week, but the marathon is exactly 3 months and one day away! Time is not a luxury at this point. Hurry up and heal you darn leg!!!

For what it's worth, it seemed a few days ago that it was the knee that felt pain, now it seems to be the quadricep. I don't know which is worse.

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  1. If it is on the outside of the leg it could be an strained IT Band, which is an over-use injury. Rest, Stretching and a foam roller are the only medicine for that.