Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A heat index of 108? That's funny

I've claimed numerous times that there's no correlation between intelligence and common sense, but when the heat index topped 108 this afternoon, I had the good sense to say it's too damn hot to run outside! I was stuck in class again all day, leaving only the mid afternoon break to run 4 miles. Not a huge distance, but in this weather, walking to the mailbox is too strenuous, forget a 40 minute run.

Alas I went back inside. When is this heat going to break? I think I've discovered my heat threshold is 85. Any more and I'll wave the white flag and resign myself to gym laps. Given the choice between gym laps or nothing, the mileage is more important than pavement pounding.

For what it's worth I did the 4 miles in 40:11. Not a bad pace at all!

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