Thursday, July 29, 2010

Home treatments have failed me

When I get hurt or sick, my reaction isn't to run to the doctor, but to heal it at home, and use the medical profession only in extreme emergencies or as a dead last resort. So when my leg started hurting, I figured I could fix it myself. I tried heat, ice, rest, massage, hot tub, aspirin, biking, squats, lunges, leg pressing, leg extensions and ellipticaling. I can jump rope on both feet just fine, but when I tried alternating feet, the right leg wouldn't play nice. It's not getting worse, but the only thing that feels better is when I bike. It seems the longer I bike, the better my knee feels, yet within a half hour or so, the stiffness is back and my knee won't bear weight. I can't spend the next nine weeks on a bike, so I finally made an appointment to see an orthopedist. Please help me!

With this great negativity and huge monkey wrench in my life, here's a nice story to balance it out a little. I told my grad school friend about it and she said if I can't run Detroit, I can stay with her in Houston and run their marathon in January. I hope it doesn't get to that but I appreciate her offer and understanding of how important this is to me. Thanks Sandye!


  1. I hate to be a "negative Nancy" but given the number of weeks it looks like you have missed from running and that you were at a low base mileage to start, I would suggest skipping Detroit. An elliptical isn't a very good substitute, especially for the number of long weekend runs you have missed. The Runner's World forums I belong to often have instances of runners rushing into a marathon on low mileage and the end result is usually not pretty.

    That being said, FYI, Houston sells out now every year and they use a lottery system for the entries. The deadline for it is August 12th and they charge your credit card if your name is drawn. For info, here is the link, Waiting to achieve a goal stinks but if you do look for another one to do, a good local marathon race is the Martian Marathon in April in Dearborn.

    Hope you get good news on your knee !! Good luck !!

  2. Thanks for your comments - I assumed my Mom and brother were the only ones reading this! Thanks for the advice about Houston. I'll know more on Tuesday!

  3. So what did the Dr. say? Hope you're doing OK!