Thursday, July 22, 2010

Two good days

My leg is finally feeling better. Hallelujah!!!! With the combination of not walking if I can help it, stationary biking, elliptical training and time, I haven't limped in two solid days. What a great feeling! Stairs and inclines don't feel great but I can't expect everything to instantly change overnight. I've talked with some friends who are / were long distance runners and both concurred with my self diagnosis and treatment plan. One recommended waiting four pain-free limp-free days before I try running. I figure I'll give it a week. Even if that feels great, he said do the next day on the elliptical to ease my body back into running. For now everything is going right. The obvious priority is healing, but along with that is maintaining my heart and lung capacity. Once those are gone, so is the marathon dream, so I elliptical for an hour regardless of how insanely boring it is. Despite the setback, the marathon still seems to be a go!!!! I can do this!!!! (and so can all of you!!!)

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