Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I've lost it

It's become painfully obvious that the marathon isn't going to happen in October. Perhaps I'll go somewhere warm in February or March and run it there, but for the near future, it's off the schedule. My weight hasn't changed (more than three pounds either way) since January. I got a job. I'm no longer suffering from the post-breakup compulsion to work out. The result of these independent factors is that I've completely lost it. I have no real desire to work out. I don't even care that much if I lose my heart and lung capacities that took soooooo long to build up. Once my arm muscles start getting soft I'm sure I'll care, but for now I've given up. What a lousy feeling. Yet, I'm too apathetic to care.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I'm not a huge prescription drug user and I've never done street drugs, but this salsalate could change everything. The pharmacy literature said it could be 3-4 days before I feel any change, the doctor warned it could take two weeks. After 12 days I could successfully run in place. Today (day 13) was another Tigers' day game which meant 2 hours on the elliptical. After the first hour I did a little jogging in place and I felt fine, so I completed the second hour, with the intent of attempting running again.

In regular walking I know I step on the outside of my heel and roll my foot inward. I assume I do the same when running, which is definitely not proper running technique. I knew I would have to limit myself to a very short distance, so I thought I'd try the hippie way of barefoot running. I slipped off my shoes and in socks, ran .25 miles. It was a little slower than I normally go, but I was striking the ground with a lighter downward force and hitting my entire foot, not just the heel. Maybe these hippies are on to something?

It's not practical to run completely barefoot so I may need to try the minimal running shoes, intended only to keep the foot safe from pebbles and nails and such. I already stepped on a nail during the triathlon on Belle Isle - certainly don't need to repeat that experience!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I had to walk a decent amount yesterday - the farthest I've walked since the injury - and Mom said I was limping. I didn't notice or feel it, which tells me that it wasn't bad, or else I have completely gotten used to it. Today was absolute perfect running weather. It was 70 and just enough of a drizzle to cool off. Unfortunately I didn't get to run the 16 miles I had scheduled.

While cleaning the house, however, (that's a great trade-off!!!!) I didn't notice my leg, which is to say I didn't notice any pain or discomfort or limp. So I started jumping in place, alternating feet. Jumping both feet has always been fine, but alternating always hurt the right one. Today, it was great, so I started running laps around my 10'x14' living room and that felt great too. Hallelujah! Granted I was barefoot so taking lighter steps and they were most likely smaller strides than when I'm really running, but this is the first time in six weeks I've been able to put any downward force on my right leg and not crumble immediately. Please don't let this be a fluke!!!!!!

Congratulations to CDB and family!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thank goodness for Tigers day games

The past three Sundays and today I have had a hot date (for one) at the Y. I don't know what's going on with the marathon - I'm still hanging on to the idea of running the half - but I do know I need to keep exercising both to keep my heart and lungs strong, and also to make sure I don't gain back any of the weight I lost.

To these ends, Tigers day games have become elliptical time. The game is typically the only thing I want to watch all day, so rather than sit at home and watch it, I make sure I'm at the Y right when it starts, I hop on the elliptical directly underneath it and I go for two hours. Is it boring? Considering I'm basically standing still, it's not that bad. The Tigers distract me and the time goes fairly quickly. Thank goodness for day games - the Tigers are pretty much the only thing that could get me to elliptical for that long! It's worth it - today I had to cut it short to 1:47:00 and I burnt 1296 calories, so after the few hours, I can eat pretty much anything all day. Not a bad trade-off!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I fought the track (and the track won...)

After biking 15 miles this afternoon, I didn't feel quite done working out. I didn't want to put in another hour ellipticaling and I sure didn't want to lift weights on consecutive days, so I tried running again. I figured since I managed .08 miles yesterday, perhaps I could do .1 today. After about three steps, my right leg screamed "I'm not bearing any weight today!!!" and I had the good sense to stop right then and hop into the hot tub for a few. What a massive pita this is turning out to be!

I'm definitely walking with less pain and no limp (except when I wear heels and everything goes to hell), but I don't know if that's due to the drugs or the time. In either case it seems to be healing, but at this rate, I'm looking at Thanksgiving before I complete a full mile. Argh! Frustration! Running is mostly mental so why won't my leg listen to my brain?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Breaking the law breaking the law

It's been a solid week since I saw the doctor and started the anti-inflammatory drugs. He said no running until he saw me again. Does anyone seriously think I followed his advice? I hit the Y for some upper body weights today and I felt great so I decided it was time to test my leg. It can handle ellipticalling with ease and feels better with biking, but running would be the true test of my recovery.

A lap at the Y is 1/10 of a mile and I told myself I would do one complete lap at the most. I went about 80% of the way before I stopped and picked up my bag and left. How did it feel? My mental health was great those 40 seconds. It felt incredible and liberating to be using my entire body again to tackle a serious bit of athletics. The real question though, is how did my leg feel? Better than it did last time I attempted running. I had a slight limp and I felt discomfort - but no pain! - in my quad. My knee and hip felt great. What the heck???

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The good, the bad and the ugly

subtitled: why I don't see doctors part 2

The good: The orthopedist and a radiologist both looked at the bone scan and determined it was normal. There is no stress fracture of the hip, which is what he was trying to rule out.

good part 2: I can continue exercising.

The bad: He doesn't know what's wrong. Thinks perhaps it might be some inflammation of the hip, but doesn't know what caused it. I'm on Salsalate (salflex) for two weeks to see what happens, if anything. After a day and a half, nothing yet.

the bad part 2: exercising means biking, ellipticaling and lifting weights in my arms and shoulders only. This isn't good enough!!!! My calves are getting soft and squishy after years of working on them!!!

The ugly: the prospect of going back to running. He doesn't want me to run until I see him again then when he gives the ok, implied that I'll resume running one mile per day and sloooooowly building distance again. Wasn't this what I started doing in October????

Frustration. Give me cortisone if it means I can run again. I'll sign the waiver to get indefinite injections.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Logistics of the 20-mile training run

I was never worried about how and where I would do my 20 mile run because things have a way of working out. I seriously doubt I'll be doing it this year, but here's some info for those of you still in running shape.

Running Fit (running shoe and gear store) is hosting a 20 mile run on September 25, which was my scheduled 20-mile day, as I imagine it is for everyone attempting Detroit this year. For a $10 donation they are hosting runners on Hines Drive in Livonia (I wonder if it will be flooded...?). The site claims it will be traffic free and aid stations will be available every 2 miles. The hydration is worth the donation alone.

Here's the link http://www.runningfit.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=236&Itemid=84

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why I don't see doctors

My appointment with the orthopedist was a frustrating reminder of why I haven't been to the doctor in years. He took a series of x-rays, tested my flexibility and range of motion, then shrugged and said he didn't know. What the heck??? On Thursday I go to Wyandotte hospital for a "cover your ass" test, a type of medical care in which the dr. orders a test he is 99% sure won't reveal a single thing, but is ordering it so I can't sue him at a later date. I just want to heal, I'm not interested in instigating a malpractice suit!

Assuming everything is fine, his solution is to experiment with different medications until something works. I asked him about the race and his answer was "we'll see," which is better than "no way in hell!" Although given that I've missed a month of running, it might behoove me to change to the half this year then run a full sometime next year.

Before I left he said "Until I see you again, no running, jogging, speed walking, baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, gymnastics, dancing, bowling, hunting (hunting?)." I caught that he didn't mention biking or ellipticalling, so I asked about those and he said fine. Lifting weights are fine too, so long as I'm sitting down and only working the upper body. So basically keep doing what I've been doing the past several weeks.

On the positive side, he didn't put me on crutches or in a wheelchair. I went to the Tigers game last night and probably walked a mile getting to and from the park and I don't feel any worse for the wear.

Unfortunately I just keep waiting and doing what I can to maintain my heart and lungs. I see him again Tuesday.

Thanks for your concern, Carrie :)