Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The good, the bad and the ugly

subtitled: why I don't see doctors part 2

The good: The orthopedist and a radiologist both looked at the bone scan and determined it was normal. There is no stress fracture of the hip, which is what he was trying to rule out.

good part 2: I can continue exercising.

The bad: He doesn't know what's wrong. Thinks perhaps it might be some inflammation of the hip, but doesn't know what caused it. I'm on Salsalate (salflex) for two weeks to see what happens, if anything. After a day and a half, nothing yet.

the bad part 2: exercising means biking, ellipticaling and lifting weights in my arms and shoulders only. This isn't good enough!!!! My calves are getting soft and squishy after years of working on them!!!

The ugly: the prospect of going back to running. He doesn't want me to run until I see him again then when he gives the ok, implied that I'll resume running one mile per day and sloooooowly building distance again. Wasn't this what I started doing in October????

Frustration. Give me cortisone if it means I can run again. I'll sign the waiver to get indefinite injections.

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  1. I feel your pain. Back in November of last year I signed up to run the Detroit Marathon. Started training in May after I ran a half marathon and decided to run through the pain of runner's knee. Been side lined for 7 weeks now. Took me awhile to accept the fact that I wouldn't be running the marathon and I'm now finally, slowly, starting to run again. I've learned if it hurts, STOP, or it'll get worse (I'd probably be training if I would've just stopped instead of running through 8 miles with a burning pain in my knee), and don't sign up for marathons too early. Just because you signed up, doesn't mean you'll actually be able to run it. Good luck on the recovery!