Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I fought the track (and the track won...)

After biking 15 miles this afternoon, I didn't feel quite done working out. I didn't want to put in another hour ellipticaling and I sure didn't want to lift weights on consecutive days, so I tried running again. I figured since I managed .08 miles yesterday, perhaps I could do .1 today. After about three steps, my right leg screamed "I'm not bearing any weight today!!!" and I had the good sense to stop right then and hop into the hot tub for a few. What a massive pita this is turning out to be!

I'm definitely walking with less pain and no limp (except when I wear heels and everything goes to hell), but I don't know if that's due to the drugs or the time. In either case it seems to be healing, but at this rate, I'm looking at Thanksgiving before I complete a full mile. Argh! Frustration! Running is mostly mental so why won't my leg listen to my brain?

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