Sunday, August 22, 2010


I'm not a huge prescription drug user and I've never done street drugs, but this salsalate could change everything. The pharmacy literature said it could be 3-4 days before I feel any change, the doctor warned it could take two weeks. After 12 days I could successfully run in place. Today (day 13) was another Tigers' day game which meant 2 hours on the elliptical. After the first hour I did a little jogging in place and I felt fine, so I completed the second hour, with the intent of attempting running again.

In regular walking I know I step on the outside of my heel and roll my foot inward. I assume I do the same when running, which is definitely not proper running technique. I knew I would have to limit myself to a very short distance, so I thought I'd try the hippie way of barefoot running. I slipped off my shoes and in socks, ran .25 miles. It was a little slower than I normally go, but I was striking the ground with a lighter downward force and hitting my entire foot, not just the heel. Maybe these hippies are on to something?

It's not practical to run completely barefoot so I may need to try the minimal running shoes, intended only to keep the foot safe from pebbles and nails and such. I already stepped on a nail during the triathlon on Belle Isle - certainly don't need to repeat that experience!

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