Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why I don't see doctors

My appointment with the orthopedist was a frustrating reminder of why I haven't been to the doctor in years. He took a series of x-rays, tested my flexibility and range of motion, then shrugged and said he didn't know. What the heck??? On Thursday I go to Wyandotte hospital for a "cover your ass" test, a type of medical care in which the dr. orders a test he is 99% sure won't reveal a single thing, but is ordering it so I can't sue him at a later date. I just want to heal, I'm not interested in instigating a malpractice suit!

Assuming everything is fine, his solution is to experiment with different medications until something works. I asked him about the race and his answer was "we'll see," which is better than "no way in hell!" Although given that I've missed a month of running, it might behoove me to change to the half this year then run a full sometime next year.

Before I left he said "Until I see you again, no running, jogging, speed walking, baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, gymnastics, dancing, bowling, hunting (hunting?)." I caught that he didn't mention biking or ellipticalling, so I asked about those and he said fine. Lifting weights are fine too, so long as I'm sitting down and only working the upper body. So basically keep doing what I've been doing the past several weeks.

On the positive side, he didn't put me on crutches or in a wheelchair. I went to the Tigers game last night and probably walked a mile getting to and from the park and I don't feel any worse for the wear.

Unfortunately I just keep waiting and doing what I can to maintain my heart and lungs. I see him again Tuesday.

Thanks for your concern, Carrie :)

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