Saturday, September 4, 2010

The first step to becoming a hippie

A few weeks ago I went to the running store to see if they carried the minimalist hippie barefoot running shoes. They don't. Most things I'll buy online, but I wanted to try these on before shelling out. REI was my best bet, so I ran up there and asked Brooke in shoes if they carried "the minimalist barefoot running shoes." She knew exactly what I meant and pointed me to the Vibram Five Fingers, helped me with the European sizing then reminded me of REI's return policy, in case they didn't work out (basically, they will return anything at any time in any condition). Plus they were ten percent off. Score!

I don't know if shoes were the problem, but I know I was wearing heavily cushioned shoes and messed up my leg. Brooke mentioned that after the shoe companies started with cushioning shoes, leg injuries have skyrocketed. Neither of us profess to be shoe experts, but we have the same information with the same cause. Can't be a total coincidence.

After wrangling each little piggy into its own opening, I took a lap around the store and the toe separation wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting. All the information online says to get used to barefoot running very gradually. I started with a half mile today. Could I have gone further? Absolutely! Maybe the desperation work on the bike and elliptical worked like I was hoping. It's been several hours and my legs feel great, even though Vibram's website warned me that I might feel it in my calves. Tomorrow: .75 miles!

I ran by Mom's work wearing the shoes and she asked the most appropriate questions when she saw my shoes: "What is on your feet?" My new running shoes! (the ugliest shoes I've ever bought)

Hideous! I look like I'm about to go swimming. Incidentally they are waterproof so I certainly go swimming with my webbed feet.


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