Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A bad batch of shoes?

I have no idea how or why I know this, but every batch of condoms produced are tested and if the results are greater than .03% damaged, the entire batch is discarded. Random, I know, but it makes me wonder if shoes face the same testing before going out to stores. Maybe there's nothing wrong with Mizunos - I wore them for 3 or 4 years without incident - maybe I just got a bad pair?

The Vibrams are GREAT!!! - so long as I stay under an hour. Once I hit the hour mark, the balls of my feet start hurting and get progressively worse, so I tried the pink Mizunos on Monday and they felt and sounded loud and clunky. Maybe they're just damaged? I'm going to try an older pair today and see how those fare. I had kept the turquoise pair as errand running shoes, but they might get upgraded for a few days. I actually had a pair in my cart on Amazon yesterday, but decided it was too close to start with a new pair :)

When this is all said and done - whenever that may be - I think I'll stick to running 3 miles for fitness and mixing in biking, ellipticalling, spinning, kickboxing. I enjoy running for a half hour or 40 minutes, but multiple hours? nah!

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