Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fashion versus Function

Some people look really nice when they work out. My mom even wears makeup when she goes to the Y. Such things never even cross my mind, as my workout attire is 100% functional, without the least regard for how I look...

Everything I wear on Sunday will have a clear purpose:
- my grandma's old bandana keeps the sweat out of my eyes and my hair off my face
- UnderArmour sports bra
- Hot pink Pistons jersey. It's sleeveless so I don't have to worry about underarm chafing and the material wicks. Plus I like the color :)
- DanSkin tri shorts. Much like bike shorts, but with a band of rubber to grip my thighs and prevent riding up. They have two pockets intended for Gu or Clifbars, but I use them more for the iPod and house keys.
- Wool five finger socks - grey instead of white to hide the dirt better. Wool to wick.
- Shoes to protect my little piggies.
- Polarized sunglasses to protect my light sensitive eyes. Yes, I wear them long before sunrise and in the rain.
- I will also be sporting Salvation Army gloves and a sweatshirt in the beginning to be discarded once they have served their purposes. I wonder what the organizers do with all the roadside clothing? I sure hope they donate it somewhere.

And of course, the pink iPod (that coincidentally matches the jersey lol). The Freep says "The Detroit Free Press Marathon strongly discourages the wearing of music devices. Participants must be alert to their surroundings and able to hear medical emergency vehicles, motorcycles, buses and official marathon vehicles. For your safety and the safety of those around you, we strongly urge you to run headphone-free."

I know the entertainment stations are going to be great, but I've trained for eleven months with the same playlist - I can't give it up now!


  1. Well, it sounds like you've got everything figured out.
    As for who I am. My name shall remain a mystery because I like not being known. However, out of respect, I will tell you that I'm a 21 yr. old male and a former student of yours.

  2. Hmmm a 21 year old male former student who can read and write. First guess is Bret, second guess is Larry, third is Rob. Of course it could be Alex or Nelson because they liked to harass me yet deny any culpability. Shoot me an email mystery student and let me know how life is going. trinity90578 at yahoo dot com

  3. Keep your volume low. The entertainment stations are cool, and the conversation and encouragements are great too.

    Take a garbage bag for the morning. Poke holes for your head and arms. Keeps you much warmer than just a sweatshirt. Then, just throw it away before the race.

    If you need to use the Bathroom, keep in mind the lines will be VERY long as race time approaches. There are porta-potties along the course too. Of course I went in Canada in the shadow of the bridge, with many other people, not in a porta pottie

  4. Walk before the tunnel, so you can run through it. The tunnel sucks. Its hot, humid and hard to breathe. Get through it as fast as possible.

    Want to borrow a race belt? You can put gel packs in the loops and it also holds your bib number, nicely.

    Photocopy your passport and license and keep them with you, just in case something happens in Canada.

  5. First, it doesn't sound like you were to fond of teaching drug addicts and morons. Second, I'm not any of those people you have mentioned. And third, I'm not going to email you just yet. I think I'll let you continue to ponder the possibilities of who I could be.

  6. You might also want to consider ear muffs. I went on a bike ride this morning and my ears were absolutely freezing because of all the cool air rushing against them.