Friday, October 15, 2010

Getting all the ducks in a row

Today commenced the final preparation phase. I've been eating more and trying to carb load all week (I haven't stepped on a scale all week either - the first time in a year and a half to abstain from my morning check in). Today I started eating exclusively natural, preservative free food ie lunch was whole wheat pasta with broccoli, baby carrots, peas and a scoop of peanut butter for flavor. Dinner - though late - will be a piece of chicken breast and 2 organic yellow potatoes. Dessert will be my second apple of the day.

After work I ran to the Salvation Army for disposable clothing. I picked up a pair of gloves, a blue striped hat with a fleece liner and a yellow fleece jacket. Too bad I'm discarding it all because I actually like the hat and jacket :)

Then I ran downtown to pick up my number. The expo wasn't terrible, but I also wasn't very interested in it. I just wanted to grab my bag and come back home, yet the booths were arranged in a serpentine and the pick up was, naturally, at the very end. Nevertheless I got a bottle of yellow Gatorade, a single serving of brown rice and a baggie of peanuts. More importantly, I picked up my number. I have a green bib which means I'm a first timer. Attached to it was my timing chip. All the previous times I've been chipped, it has been about the size of a matchbook and I've laced it onto my shoes. This one is a small piece of plastic about an inch tall and as thin as paper. I loop it on a lace and I'm good to go. Printed on my timing chip is my name and the name and phone number of my emergency contact. I have it written on my shoes as well, but it never hurts to have multiple locations to find the number. Brother, make sure your phone is turned on!

The last thing I picked up was my race shirt. So many of them are hideous yet this one is really nice. It's long sleeved and 100% polyester (wicking baby!) But...I got an extra large and it's none too big. I have long arms so I'm going to either wear it at 3/4 length or constantly pull at the edges. It's ok though because it's the best designed race shirt I've ever gotten. Here's a picture. You can see my haircut too :)


  1. I'm going to the expo tomorrow and i hope i the shirts fit well!! going to the salvation army is such a good idea! cya on race day!

  2. Alright, I'll pass the beads because your diet is something I would definitely attribute to a hippie.
    I'm curious, have you decided on the length you're going to you run? You said that you had to think about it, but you never posted an answer.