Wednesday, October 6, 2010

If this makes me a hippie, pass the beads!

I've enjoyed a healthy life so traditional versus alternative medical care is never a decision I pondered for even a minute. This past year, however, I've become somewhat holistic and touchy-feely, not because I want to be a hippie, but because it just feels good!

Since I started the 11 month training program (soon to be even longer...) I've gotten in the habit of getting a massage every month. The ExSalonce salon in Lincoln Park offers a full hour for $45, which is among the cheapest I've ever found and she's good! After my hour today, my calves feel great, my foot doesn't hurt anymore and I feel like I could run a marathon! (ha ha)

My other hippie tendency is courtesy of Charity Loring who offers free yoga classes. Free! I only tried yoga once before - my brother and I signed up for a class through a community education class, but we barely survived the first class because every time we looked at each other, we started laughing! Not to mention it's hard take "exercise" seriously when the last ten minutes involves laying down and not moving. ummm I can do that at home...Yet yoga with Charity is relaxing and soothing and in the summer, she invites us all to her house for a cookout.

After both hippie activities, I feel more relaxed, i have no pain and I think my posture gets better. If these are hippie traits, let me dig out the tie-dye!


  1. Getting massages and doing yoga sound like the activities of a pampered Hollywood type, more than that of a hippie.