Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Power of Denial

The back to running agenda has been going pretty well despite a sore left foot, yet I hadn't really pushed myself. This weekend, I decided to go for it and see what happened. The plan was to run a full 60 minutes and I'd either get through it, or my body would fall apart, but either way, at least I'd know. I can deal with positives, I can deal with negatives, but uncertainty? Not so much.

I got out the hippie shoes, the long sleeved t-shirt and my gloves and I was off. 61 minutes later, I was still standing, none too worse for the wear. I had no major pain in either joints or muscles, thankfully! I don't think it did it right, though, because I wasn't sweating very hard and I was barely breathing hard. I had to force myself to drink water because I wasn't thirsty either. I was pretty slow - 5.67 miles in 61 minutes, but I survived, which is all that matters.

I was planning another 60 minutes today, but my old procrastination and punctuality problems reared their ugly heads and limited me to 37 minutes before I had to work. I feel great today too. Ok I'm exhausted and my left calf feels worked, but it's nothing a good night of sleep won't cure. I don't start work tomorrow until 9:30 so I'll recover my superpowers tonight.

Thursday I'm planning to run 80 minutes and if I survive 100 on Saturday, I'm changing my race entry to the half, with the full intention of completing it. Not the race I want to do, but a half marathon is a good accomplishment in and of itself.

Would a running coach recommend a half on basically 2 weeks training? Not in a million years, yet - and this is huge - I built a solid base from October 2009 to July and I've been able to draw strength from that despite the weeks off. In the end, if my body can handle it, I'm back in the (half) game. Ultimately it's all about having priorities and walking comfortably on Monday, October 18 is definitely not one of them.

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