Thursday, October 21, 2010


After spending Sunday lounging on the couch and replenishing my lost calories, I got back in the game on Monday and became that person. Yes, the one who works out less than 24 hours after finishing a marathon. I think this is actually recommended? It certainly was in my book because my hamstrings were tight, but the more I sat, the worse they felt and while a little painful, moving helped. So I biked for 10 ridiculously slow minutes, then stretched and repeated. Hot tubbed for a good half hour while I was there. I skipped work on Monday because I was scheduled to be at the elementary school and my legs wouldn't have appreciated sitting on the floor or in little kid chairs.

I also drained my blisters on Monday night. I don't think most doctors recommend that either? Yet the one on the ball of my foot made walking pretty painful so I just disinfected a pin and got it over with.

Thursday I was back at the Y for a 30 minute bike ride. There is a 10K I want to do on Halloween so I hope to try running again on Saturday.

I spoke to my brother within an hour of finishing the race and one of the first things he asked was whether I'd do another marathon. Even then I said I'd do another half, absolutely, but the full would be a long way off, if at all. It seemed like everyone I talked to asked if I was planning to do another. Why do we have to think about the next one? Why can't I just celebrate this one? The bucket list says complete A marathon, not several...

Yet here it is, Thursday, and I can say without a doubt that yes, I would do another marathon. Seeing as I did pretty much everything completely wrong this time, I can only improve my time (by hours!)


  1. GROSS!!!!

    Thanks for sharing that you drained your blisters, and took your nasty blister draining feet in the hot tub. Ewwwwww.

    By the way, leave blisters alone. Don't pop them.

  2. Nooooo I hot tubbed then several hours later drained my feet. Sheesh! At least I didn't pee in the hot tub!