Friday, October 8, 2010

I didn't anticipate this wrinkle

I encountered a problem on the Freep's marathon website. The deadline for changing races was October 1, at which time I didn't think either distance was anywhere close to being a possibility. After surviving an all-time long run of 80 minutes yesterday I still plan to go ahead with my audacious idea of running the half in a week.'s too late to I go with the full and drop out at 13.1 miles. Do I pay another $90 to enter the half? There are no refunds or transfers of registration, yet at this point, the double registration fee isn't a huge concern (even though I registered early to save $20...). Finishing is what matters. Advice? Any one complete it previously and have good tips? Anyone from the Freep reading this and want to make a recommendation?


  1. Hi Michelle! I'm also running the Full marathon on the 17th. I just wanted to tell you i def think you should run the half if you feel up to it. you'll feel amazing, and running the half is such an accomplishment. its sort of a bugger that they don't let you change races any longer, and there's no refunds, but if spending the extra money isn't all that much of a big deal i say go for it!

  2. If I were you, I'd run the half and then walk/jog the rest of the way. I wouldn't leave early and deny myself the glory of finishing, afer all my hard work training. And I certainly wouldn't repay to re-enter a race that I've already entered in.

  3. Lizzy - good luck!!!! I'll see you at the finish line!!!

    Anonymous, you make good arguments. I'll have to think more.