Monday, November 22, 2010

Announcing....the 30 Day Challenge!!!! (part 1)

The half marathon is April 2, 2011. I'm already in fairly decent shape, which is to say I can run a few miles at any given time, my heart is beating strong and my lung capacity is good and strong. Given my current shape, I don't need to start training from absolute zero, I don't need to repeat the couch potato to 5k program. Having said all this, I reckon I'll start training for the half on January 1. That will give me 12 weeks to prepare and after all, it is only a half marathon :D

To tide me over until then, it's time for....drumroll please....the 30 day challenge!!!! (part 1) Starting November 26 and for 30 consecutive days, I'm going to challenge myself in three ways:

1. no alcohol
2. no fast food - includes all food that you pay for before eating
3. exercise 30 minutes

Why? Because I can. Because I function best when working off a to-do list. Because it's good for me.

So who wants to join me? Brother? This is exactly your kind of contest! All participants will be on the honor system and anyone who successfully completes 30 days (and yes you have to follow my days, which means Christmas day is alcohol free and pro exercise) will get a bottle of Charles Shaw wine - or a Happy Meal if you already abstain.

Subsequent 30 day challenges will surely ensue!!!

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  1. Um, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, no sweets? I think not.