Monday, November 1, 2010

Done! 34 - Run through Hell

Some of the bucket list items are carefully planned out, whereas others fall into my lap and I have to jump at the chance. Running through Hell was definitely in the latter category.

For the past several years, there has been a 10K through Hell in August on one of the hottest days of the year. The runners, therefore, were both literally and figuratively running through Hell. I assumed I would eventually be one of them, yet while I was running the marathon, an email dropped in my inbox with some upcoming events, including the run through Hell on Halloween.

Not only was the race going to take place after a two year hiatus, it was a costume race! How great is that? My brother agreed to come with me and dressed as Elvis and a Trekkie, we ran alongside a family of Incredibles, R2D2 pushing an X-wing fighter stroller, Ben Franklin, a runaway bride, 2 cosmonauts and the best costume of the day: it was 41 degrees, yet a man showed up wearing a Speedo, a swimcap and goggles, with eight gold medals around his neck and a bong in his hand. Get it? Michael Phelps!

Time wise, my brother smoked me, despite his claim of not running in a solid year. My time was by far the worst I've ever completed, yet I'm pleading I was sick. I've had a horrid cold all week which made it super difficult to breathe, then at one point I got lightheaded and had to walk. Ugh what a miserable feeling. Still fun though! (although at the end I thought to myself "Is that it? I'm done already?") :D

Here I am as a Trekkie....

and my brother as Elvis...

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  1. Dang, I'm fat Elvis. Trust me, I haven't run one mile, since early spring. Put it this way, I ran a 5K a few years ago, TEN MINUTES faster than I did this one. So sore yesterday and today.......