Wednesday, November 24, 2010

One of the last of the 2010 Freep marathon related posts

When I first thought about doing a marathon, I knew there would be a few sacrifices I'd have to make. I assumed I would be giving up after work drinks with my girl friends, giving up some Saturday afternoons to run and I was totally ok with that.

Some things arose that were easier, some more difficult. For example, I didn't even blink when invited to the Michigan - MSU football game. I had planned to run 1 hour 40 minutes that day, and spending a long full day in the sun would surely dehydrate me and get in the way of the run, so I immediately said no. Another event, however, was more difficult to pass up - two of my favorite bands, that both factor very heavily into the ultimate 4-hour cardio playmix are Godsmack and Drowning Pool, who were performing together in Detroit. I wanted to see this show like crazy! Yet, it was the night before the marathon and going to a concert would surely interfere with going to bed at 9pm, so I told myself I would be able to see them again at some point. Hopefully.

Something I didn't plan on skipping was my friend's birthday party. She had invited me to Miami for a weekend and I was all set to go ever since she invited me in February. As it got closer and closer, however, I realized I couldn't go, mostly because I couldn't walk and needed to see a doctor asap about my leg. It pained me to tell her I had to cancel, but for twelve months, my blanket excuse was always "I'm training for a marathon." I invoked this excuse for things I didn't want to do, such as....why wasn't I working? Why didn't I have a boyfriend? Why didn't I finish my graduate thesis? The answer was always a shrug, a smile and "I'm training for a marathon."

The last thing I gave up - which I never anticipated - was my hair. Despite having long hair for my entire life, I don't like the feel of hair. When I sweat it gets even worse, the curls turning frizzy and sticking to my back and neck, each piece adhering like glue. Gross! A ponytail didn't help because the hair still touched my skin, so I cut it off and wound up liking it even better short. Cool!

Was the race worth it all? Yes, absolutely, without a doubt!

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