Sunday, November 7, 2010

Here I go again...

Running a half marathon isn't on the bucket list, but I now officially have plans to do so at the Martian Marathon on April 2. I'm not generally a fan of out and back running, but it's close to home (so I don't have to deal with traveling) and I know I can do it. This time I'm not going to get hurt and I'm going to train properly and finish in 2:20. I enjoyed the first half of Detroit and even at the time I knew I'd do another half so here I go :)

On a related side note, I attend a church where the average age is 84. There is one other attendee under 40 and we're going to run together to the half/full split. Sweet I have a race partner :)

It's on Hines Drive - anyone want to place bets as to whether or not it'll be flooded???


  1. hey Michelle! You have me inspired, and i think i'm going to do the half as well! i need a new fitness goal and this seems right up my alley. its not to far from me as well, i'm from the grosse pointe area, so its not a bad drive!

  2. Lizzy, that's awesome!!! I'll see you at the finish line! (Most likely wearing the same old pink Billups jersey lol)

  3. I ran it this past April and it was nice and dry. It's a nice course to run. The only part that kinda sucks is watching people run past you and knowing they're on the way to the finish line and you haven't even gotten to the turn around point. Have fun!