Tuesday, December 7, 2010

30 days is a long time!

The 30-day challenge is continuing, now 12 days complete. Friday will be halfway. Whee!!! How's it going? It's hard! It doesn't help one iota that I picked up another cold. How is it that I went well over a year without a cold and I've had two since the marathon? Anyway the cold made working out really difficult for a few days. I'm not doing anything that would jar my body (running) or force me to have my head upside down (yoga) so it's been all biking or lifting weights.

Saturday in particular was interesting. In an effort to combat this cold, I turned on the Abc Family Harry Potter marathon and spent the entire day sleeping on and off. I finally dragged myself onto a stationary bike, but my mind was still at home vegging with Harry, Hermoine and the gang. Somehow my legs were moving but I would have put down my head and closed my eyes if I could.

Getting to the gym is the hardest part, until I leave, then while driving home, not eating out is the hardest. Stopping at Jets or Subway would be so easy! The irony is that I gave myself one cheat - it was ok to go to Panera, but only if I was working on my graduate thesis. I never exercised this option, however, because I finished the thesis while working for my friend.

The no alcohol inclusion has barely crossed my mind.

Through it all, I just keep thinking to keep going. If I stop, everything I already did will have to be repeated. Funny, that's the same thought I had at mile 14 of the marathon. It's easier to keep going than to restart. Besides I have other 30-day challenges to get to!

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