Sunday, December 26, 2010

Done! Paid for a stranger's meal

On Christmas morning, my first - and only - item on the agenda was to go out for breakfast. There's something about greasy diner breakfast that I really like. A good number of places were open and rather than support a chain, I went to Charlie's Diner in Lincoln Park.

Had a delicious breakfast then decided that I wanted to buy someone's breakfast. At the booth opposite me, an older man was eating alone and I decided he was the one. When Pam came by to refill my coffee, I asked her to bring me his check as well. "He takes something home to his wife," she said. "That's even better," I replied.

I finished my meal then paid both checks before slipping out the door. Merry Christmas!

Buying a stranger's meal is not an item on the Bucket List, but belongs on the "Cool things I've already done before I had a bucket list" list.


  1. if there was a "like" button, i would certainly have pushed it. i bet you flabbergasted that older gentleman and warmed his heart inside. maybe he'll pay it forward :)