Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Joining the craze

Every year at this time the Y offers two weeks of free classes. I try to take as many as possible and last night joined in the Zumba craze. I can see why people like it!

When I first saw the instructor was Maria, however, I cringed. Last year I did her New Year's Resolution fitness class and she had us do so many squats I couldn't walk right for three days! This was completely different though. I hopped in the front row and caught on quickly. It was a 45 minute class and it went fast. Maybe not so good for helping me prepare for the half, but it was cardio and it was fun. I can see why Zumba is such a huge trend!

Up next: a BOSU fitness class. It may or may not be immediately followed by kickboxing fusion. The kickboxing I understand but what is the fusion component???

By the way, today is day 27 and I feel great!!!

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