Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And we're off!!!

Today is day 40 of the 100-day exercise challenge and day 3 of the half marathon training program. Day 3 and I already did 1 1/2 miles? I like this! It came immediately after 45 minutes of Zumba to make it all the more challenging. I already feel in so much better shape than I did training for the full.

I realized too that if I can learn to consistently run a 9-minute mile, I can finish in under 2 hours. My baseline goal is to finish, but I'll be happy to finish in 2:20 and I'll be really happy to finish sub 2 hours.

The ultimate goal is to finish the full in October sub 4 hours. A 9-minute mile isn't even that fast! I can do this!

Who's with me? Lizzie? Are you in for the Martian? Carrie?

Here's a parting comment from Glamour magazine that helps keep things in perspective: "My thighs may not be skinny-mini, but they're strong - and they helped get me through every race! There's a real power that comes from knowing that."


  1. I'm totally in for the Martian Half!! so excited!! :) what training plan are you following??

  2. I started with the training program from the Martian website and added to it so I have a 12 week program.

  3. My running starts 2/1 - I've been on bed rest since 12/1... not too excited to start at zero. I am not sure what my first goal will be... I'm thinking of doing a 5M trail run 4/13. I'm happy to run the relay for the martian!! Good luck!!

  4. You're really kicking butt. Good for you.