Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lessons learned

I really had no clue what I was doing in the marathon, yet I very quickly learned some lessons that will help me with the half and the 2011 Detroit.

Such as, I need a running partner for the second half. I prefer to run alone, but it got really lonely and the second half was much more difficult, both because it was the second half and because all the good entertainment was in the first half. Thank goodness for the few others I kept running into.

For as much as everyone has made fun of fanny packs over the years, I would have really liked one, notably because I would have liked to have my camera. In particular, to shoot the ramps on the Ambassador Bridge covered with runners as the sun rose. Time to go back to the Salvation Army!

The shoes, of course. I actually wore a new pair for the marathon. I had the old turquoise pair that were guaranteed to give me shin splints, or the pink ones that had messed up my hip. The Vibrams were killer for shorter distances, but not for 26.2, so on Thursday night before the race, I bought a new pair. Either they would get me through the race, or I'd sit on the curb and wait for the last chance car to pick me up. Definitely not an uncertainty to repeat! Hence, the shoe drama recurring and being dealt with 10 weeks ahead of time.

I also would have liked some food. I had packed a few Clif bars, but I saw people eating caffeinated jelly beans and I really wanted some!!! I needed caffeine in general, but without the digestive effects of coffee, so I need to find me some of these jelly beans before the Martian.

Lastly - and this is major! - if I get hurt again and it doesn't heal within two weeks, it's not going to and I need to get to a dr immediately.

Anyone have other good advice to share that I missed?

ps: Today is day 51 of exercising at least 30 minutes
pps: The ultimate 4-hour cardio playmix has one new addition: The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson

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