Saturday, January 22, 2011

Shoes shoes shoes

I know the Vibrams need to be worn gradually and slowly slowly increase the distance, yet I never even considered that perhaps the Mizunos should be worn the same way. I looked at them as being interchangeable with the Vibrams and I would pop on the Mizunos then try to run 3 miles and wonder why my legs hurt.

Duh! My feet and legs need to get accustomed to whatever shoes I'm going to wear to run. So I took it easier for a week. I did my distance, but rather than do 3 miles right away last Saturday, I broke it into three 1-mile runs, with ample stretching in between each. It seems to have worked, because I did four miles today without any major issue.

Mizuno seems to change their shoe designs twice a year so I hopped on Amazon and ordered two pairs of hideous gray, purple and yellow shoes to carry me through the next year, even though my current pair is still in great condition.

A nice side effect is that they're on sale, then Amazon gave me a $20 promotion so rather than paying $89 a pair, I got them for about $54. I'll take it.

The irony is I don't even love this model. I preferred the Wave Inspire but the latest model is the one that messed up my hip. I switched to the Wave Rider and it works so I need to stock up while they're available.

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