Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The inertia problem

Last week I took off five days from exercising so I could get healthy. I haven't skipped that many consecutive days since 2008? 2007? Thankfully I'm back to about 97% healthy, but I'm having the absolute hardest time with inertia, the force that keeps moving objects in motion and stationary objects at rest. I took physics, all is fine. Well, except the object at rest has become me!

While in the midst of exercising 73 consecutive days, I always had the inertia to keep going, and the longer it went, the harder it was to justify skipping a day (although not being able to breathe is a pretty good reason to quit). I was running 5 days a week, and doing whatever else the other two. Once I stopped running, however, my body does NOT want to go back to it!!! My body likes being at rest!

Saturday was the first day back and I ellipticalled for an hour then biked another half. Sunday I ran outside. That was a debacle. I had overdressed, so I was sweating profusely and with the combination of first day outside and first day back from a cold, my breathing was seriously labored. It was awful! Yesterday I worked 12.5 hours.

So what's my excuse today? I don't have one, I'm just feeling lazy and it's so much easier to lounge in my sweats than it would be to hit the Y. But the race is upcoming. I need to slap myself upside the head and make it happen again. Do it! Get it done!

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