Saturday, February 26, 2011

Losing it...and loving it

I've had zero motivation to exercise all week and, surprisingly, I'm completely ok with it. My right shin has been a little tender and I'm trying to baby it, yet I could certainly do cardio work or weights, but I'm choosing to do nothing and I'm ok with it.

Last year, the marathon was my excuse for why I didn't have a boyfriend and while I used that as my cop-out excuse, there is a certain truth to it. Spending time with people takes time, time that I just didn't have if I was serious about getting ready for a race. Saturday always meant breakfast, digest, hydrate, run. It took hours to get ready for a long run and I was repeating the process this year.

Then I met someone and we've been burning up the phone lines ever since. We hiked today and I'd so much rather do that than prepare for a long run. I've lost the compulsion to run, but I'm ok with it because I'm having fun.

Besides, I told my girl friend yesterday "It's only 13 miles, I can drag myself through that." And I believe I can. The time won't be great, but I fully believe I can drag myself through a half. Call it the power of denial :)

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