Sunday, February 20, 2011

The year of the race

A few great races have been announced recently, so I'm at six for the year. I think this is a good number and will be my limit.

Here they are, each with its own goal:

April 2, Martian half marathon
Goal: finish

April 16, mini indoor triathlon at the Downriver YMCA
Goal: win my age group

June 5, Dexter to Ann Arbor half marathon
Goal: two hours

July 30, Undy 500 5k This is a fundraiser to support colon cancer research and runners are encouraged to wear their undies. What a fun, crazy idea! Surely I can find a pair with Hello Kitty or something equally zany :)
Goal: have fun

October 16, Detroit marathon
Goal: destroy my 2010 time by at least two hours

October 30, Run through Hell on Halloween Eve
Goal: have fun, beat my brother :)

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