Friday, March 25, 2011

Talking with the trainer

I did my "normal" 60-minute bike today and talked to Les the whole time. He gave me some pointers, such as icing my legs after a long race, massaging my shins after the same long race, stretching with a foam roller. He's told me most of this before, but I didn't listen. He said too that he'd give me a free workout sometime after I see the doctor on April 11. When my mom signed up with the Y, she got a tin full of goodies and freebies. When I signed up, I got nothing! My friend from high school was seeing a trainer there and I told her to see Les. I said for what she would pay, he was the only one I'd even consider. He's been training for 20 years (ish) and knows more about the important stuff than the dr. Yes, the orthopedist can fix what's broken, but he's not an athlete and doesn't know much about preparing for a race, or getting the body ready for a ridiculously long race, like 26.2 miles.

So a whole bunch more nothing for three weeks, then meet with Les very soon after the dr gives me clearance for high impact exercise again. Also on the very immediate calendar - go to the running clinic at New Balance in Farmington Hills and have a running coach check out my technique.

It's funny (that's ironic funny, not haha funny) to think I've been running in some form or another for 29 years and I have to learn how to do it. I always thought it was just a natural extension of walking.

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