Sunday, March 13, 2011

Testing it out

I've refrained from gymming every singe day since seeing the doctor. I went on Tuesday and Friday and biked a half hour each. Saturday I wanted to try for an hour. Normally, I change the resistance anywhere from 1-10. I started at level 1 and at level 3, my leg starting hurting a tiny bit, so - duh!- I dialed it back to 1 and did the 60 minutes, absolutely none worse for the wear! Instead of completing between 15 and 16 miles, I managed 14.24. I'll take it!

On a related note, my girl friend told me I have to get a hobby for the next five weeks, and no, obsessing over running isn't a hobby! Likewise blogging daily about it doesn't count as a hobby either, so I started the "One a Day" photo project, in which I take a photo every single day. Check it out right here

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