Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bad form running

Last week I attended the good form running class at the New Balance store in Farmington Hills. Jared videotaped each of us running, then we watched the video frame by frame, noting what we were doing wrong, in my case, plenty! Yet the other participants were all making the same form errors. There was some comfort in not being the only one :)

To demonstrate what I was doing wrong, let's revisit the photo the Free Press published of me. Granted, this was at 26.1 miles so any idea of form was long gone!

Mistake one: I'm looking down. Good form running features good posture with an upheld head.

Mistake two: My arm is crossed way across my body, almost hitting my sternum. Good form running says I should move my arms directly front and back. Crossing sideways wastes energy and causes my upper body to twist and rotate, leading to a full body wiggle.

Mistake three: Look at how high my toe is cranked up in the air! Good form running features landing on the midfoot. Landing on the heel causes a braking effect, leading to stop and go motions, and extra torque and force on the knees.

This is the frst picture I've ever seen of myself running and the mistakes are many and obvious, but the fixes are equally many and obvious, and the best part - easily implanted!

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