Monday, June 27, 2011

Bucket List #9 - another step completed

The Tigers publish their next season schedule in the fall and I very soon thereafter make my summer travel arrangements so I can follow *ahem* stalk them to NL parks. This year they made three trips - Pittsburgh and LA, both of which I've already seen, and Denver, which obviously became my summer destination. Even better than seeing my Tigers? Ricky pitched!!!

How was the park? Great, but I think it was more the intangibles that I liked. Such as, Ricky pitched, and I had the greatest seat I've enjoyed thus far - 14 rows behind home plate. The score was a total debacle, but the people were nice, there were tons of Tigers fans and the food was good and not too overpriced.

The only real criteria I have of ballparks is that I be able to see the field from every place on the concourse. Aside from the batter's eye, Coors Field met this criteria. The promotion was a Taco Bell t-shirt. Not too sure what I'll do with that one...

Another great? Phil Coke and Andy Dirks added to my 2011 ball (joining Ryan Perry).

Plus Ricky pitched!!!!

The guy sitting next to me said the purple seats are exactly a mile above sea level.

There are 30 MLB parks and Denver was the 16th I've visited.

The parks in my own personal order from best to worst:
1. PetCo Park - San Diego
1 tie. Great American Ballpark - Cincinnati
3. Angels Stadium of Anaheim - Anaheim
4. Busch Stadium - St. Louis
5. Tiger Stadium / Comerica Park - Detroit
6. Yankee Stadium (the old one) - New York
7. Jacobs Field - Cleveland
8. Coors Field - Denver
9. PNC Park - Pittsburgh
10. Turner Field - Atlanta
11. The Metrodome - Minneapolis
12. The Oakland Alameda County Coliseum - Oakland
12 tie. The Rodgers Centre - Toronto
14. AT&T Park - San Francisco
15. Shea Stadium - New York
16. Dodger Stadium - Los Angeles

What's next????

Saturday, June 25, 2011

100 miles - an easier clarification

After logging mile 1 on day 1 at the Y, Heather explained the rules more, and made it so much easier. Rather than measuring days, they are keeping track of total miles. The most a participant can log on a single day, however, is two miles, so I have up to 100 days, but I need to take at least 50 days. This makes it tons easier because I was able to take off two days this week and I'm still at seven miles (after six days). I'm currently in first place, and until yesterday, the only person to log miles.

The only thing that would make it better is if we could log an unlimited number of miles at a time. If left to my own devices, I think I could bike 100 miles in a day. Granted it might take ten or twelve hours, and I might not be able to walk afterward, but I would welcome the challenge.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The 100-Day Challenge

After Thanksgiving I did my own 30-day challenge, which morphed into a 100-day exercise challenge. I quit after getting a horrid cold at day 73, thinking I could try again in the summer, when away from all the germy students. I didn't really think about it again, however, until I saw a flyer in the locker room at the Y. It's like they read my mind!

The Y is sponsoring a 100 mile, 100-day challenge. Beginning June 20 and going through September 27, participants will log one mile every day. It's advertised as a walking challenge, but running also counts. The girl at the counter said biking would count. Another piped in that I could do 1000 squats (haha).

The 100 miles isn't a problem, it's the 100 consecutive days that will be a challenge. So who's with me? Chris? Diane? Mom already signed up. We can all do this! Time doesn't matter - consistency does!