Sunday, July 24, 2011

9 mph - Wow!

Today's running hovered between 6.5 and 7.5 miles per hour. Just for fun I thought I'd try for 9, just to see if I could. Yes, indeed I could but it was extremely difficult. My legs aren't used to moving so quickly! I noticed too that the faster I went, the stronger I pumped my arms, whereas when I'm in the 6-7 mph range, my arms are more along for the ride. It wasn't pretty - I was sweating profusely, breathing loudly and probably grunting at some point, nevertheless I ran 9 mph (for about 30 seconds!)

9 mph = 6:40 miles, which isn't even that fast when compared to race winners. The last time I watched the New York Marathon, the winning women averaged 5:20 for the entire race. I have a newfound respect for their mad skills. Heck, even Georgie W. averaged 8-minute miles during his morning runs with the Secret Service. (Why in the world do I know stuff like this???)

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