Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A strange email

My brother emailed me this morning at work to let me know that the Y had called him to say they found a pair of my shoes. Calling him makes sense because when I buy a new pair of running shoes, I write my name, his phone number, my health insurance company and blood type on each shoe in permanent pen. That way, if I'm hit by a car or otherwise rendered unconscious, an emergency phone number is available (assuming I haven't lost both shoes...). This was the first time, however, that anyone made the call.

I was completely baffled because while I have a lot of shoes, I didn't realize any were missing. My gray Mizunos were in the car and my Vibrams were in the living room, so I was curious as to which shoes they had found. My only guess was a pair I had donated to the shoe recycling bin and forgotten to scribble over the contact info. It was with great curiosity that I went to the gym this afternoon to see which shoes had been found (and unknowingly lost).

It was.....the cursed pink shoes!!!!!! ach! No wonder I didn't notice they were missing! I can't even fathom how I left behind the shoes - or when I last wore them. It must have been months! My best guess is that I sat on the bench and changed my shoes, then they got pushed under the bench and left there. Much more exciting than the shoes was the pair of wool socks tucked inside. I had been thinking I was short on running socks, but I figured they were all dirty.

I thought about donating the shoes but I took them to wear when I cut the grass if nothing else.

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