Friday, July 15, 2011

Why wait?

I've been exercising, but not taking anything too seriously. My running has been sporadic at best and making absolutely zero progress. I had accepted months ago that I wouldn't be able to repeat the marathon this October. I thought about perhaps restarting the Couch potato to 5K program to end in time for the Run through Hell on Halloween Eve, then I asked myself, "Why wait? What are you waiting for? Get in 5-6 mile shape so running a 5k is easy."

On Monday I restarted the program. It's slow and tedious, but it works, and it's been working great this week. The plan was the same for the three days of week 1 - run 60 seconds, then walk 90 and repeat for 20 minutes. I've gone further distances each time and I feel strong during the run. The best part is that I used to struggle to run 6 mph, but now that I'm focusing on good form running, in particular taking more steps, not longer steps, my rate has increased dramatically. I start the run at 7 mph and increase to 8 or 8.5 mph. Wow! I didn't think my body was equipped to run a 7-minute mile for any amount of time.

With changing running or walking every minute or two, I'm spending the first couple days on the treadmill because it's convenient and easy to have the clock right there, and it's remarkable to notice the difference between good and bad form running. Regardless of the speed, when I run my feet are light and the sound minimal. When I'm slowing down to a walk, however, I'm throwing down my feet and it sounds like an elephant is on the machine. The noise discrepancy is even greater in the Vibrams.

My joints feel good, my bones feel good. Running again is definitely a good thing :)


  1. MIchelle! I was so surprised to find your blog on this website! You are so hilarious! Congradulations on your training, you have always seemed like a highly motivated person! Good luck!
    -Stephanie Voss

  2. Stephanie, it's great to hear from you! What are you up to? Email me and let me know how life is going trinity90578 at yahoo dot com