Sunday, September 25, 2011

A terrible surprise

Despite my early injury and months long motivation problems, I always had the pipe dream of running the Detroit half this year. I ran 5.19 yesterday, felt awesome!, and figured I'm just crazy enough to go from 5 to 13 miles in three weeks. I know I could finish it right now, but I want a respectable time, not a 4-hour half marathon! :)

Periodically I look at the Freep's marathon website site which I did this morning. The first thing posted just about ruined my day: "Please note, registration is CLOSED for the Full Marathon and Half Marathon." What a bummer!!!!!

My friend tried to cheer me up and said she'd find me another race. It's not just about the race - I specifically wanted to do Detroit, but I kept postponing registering to make sure I wouldn't get hurt again, to make sure I could get up to a decent distance. Sure I can do a half somewhere the following weekend, or I can do the Martian in the spring, but it just isn't the same.

Lesson learned: register in January for the 2012 race!!!!! The problem with registering that early, however, do I elect the half or the full?

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