Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 118 - The Breaking Point

My plan all along has been to run outside as long as I can. I made it through cold, through snow, but I hit my breaking point today. It was 15 degrees and windy, with 3-4 inches of matted down snow. I learned last time how few businesses clean their sidewalks and the only streets that had been cleaned were the major roads. What was I going to do? Run in the middle of Northline???

I've been sick all week, but I still went to the Y. Wearing shorts was great, having water readily available was great. Otherwise it wasn't my best run. Every time I get sick it's like my lungs have instantly lost all capability and capacity. SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!

My legs felt ok, my muscles were good, my bones were good, joints felt fine, but around mile 9 I started dragging, really really dragging. I try to eat a big breakfast on long run days, but today's breakfast was only about 500 calories (Hah! That's a sentence I never thought I'd say!). Calories are a source of fuel and I desperately needed more! I was about to call my mom and ask her to bring me a granola bar or some crackers, something with calories but easy on the stomach.

After 10 miles and 100 laps I called it quits. My legs were sluggish and didn't want to go one step further. Definitely not a wrinkle I want 8 weeks before the race, yet at the same time I managed 10 miles when sick. It's not entirely terrible considering I woke up gagging on yellow snot...

I could get upset and blame myself. I should have been able to finish all 16. I should have gone faster. Instead, I'll learn from today and pack granola bars and jelly beans for long runs. I didn't use Vaseline today and chafed a little, which hasn't happened since the marathon. Live and learn. Besides my friend wryly pointed out that finishing 10 isn't exactly quitting.

One silver lining is that for as lousy and slow as I felt today, it's right on pace to finish in the 5-hour vicinity. Also good was that my mile splits were consistent. I didn't have any 8-minute miles, but I also didn't have any 15s. The disparity between fastest and slowest was less than a minute. It wasn't terrible. Could have been much worse. At least I tried and kept going until my legs refused another step.


  1. Hey, you've inspired me to get my runners back on. You are doing well. Keep going.

  2. Ugh, 100 laps. How could you even keep track? I think I'd die of boredom doing 100 laps.

  3. My motto - what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Yuk. Hate that motto. My girlfriends and I ran the Lansing Riverwalk from Hawk Island last Saturday. Plan was to do 14 miles. Freezing cold, windy, but sun was out. Someone had cleared the snow off the first 4 miles of trail, but the wet residue re-froze and it was slick in most areas. The next couple miles hadn't been cleared at all, but previous runners had slogged through, so we did also. Then, boom, no more footprints and 2-3 inches of virgin snow. We turned around and came back. One of us ran an extra couple miles at the end to make the 14 (not me). I was more than happy to be done with 12. Personally I think 100 laps would be much harder than what we did. So good for you!

  4. Good job Kathy! I bought Yaktrax this year, but I hope to return them without ever actually wearing them.

    I got through 100 laps the same way I got through today's run in the nasty yucky weather - just. stop. thinking.

  5. Sure, return them without using them, since it certainly won't snow next year.