Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 120 - Rethinking recovery

My recovery Sundays - when I actually do them - generally involve a gentle stroll somewhere in the 20-minute mile vicinity. It's nice and slow and easy.

On Saturday, however, I had a horrible realization. I don't feel ready for the race. It's still 9 weeks away, which in reality is so much time. 9 weeks before the 2010 Freep I couldn't walk from here to there and I managed to drag myself through that. Yet my schedule only has 2 more long runs (Long run being extremely subjective. 10s are no longer regarded as long). I feel pretty confident I could finish the distance this weekend, but once I introduced the time constraint, it got a lot more difficult and I just don't feel ready! Then getting sick set everything back another degree.

So Sunday I knew I had to work on lung capacity and cardio ability, without working my legs too much. Enter - the stationary bike! It's low impact, yet I can still get a cardio workout, and if I got woozy from my cold, I was already sitting down anyway! My normal bike goal is 8 miles in 30 minutes. I aimed for 6 on Sunday, but had a hard time going that slow (another thing I never thought I'd say!). I finished 7.10 in a half hour, then did some core work, figuring a strong core can only help my running.

A few hours later, both my knees hurt. What the heck?! I bike regularly. I do core work and weights sometimes and my knees have never ever hurt. They're better today, but still a little sore. Not even sore, but I notice them when standing up or sitting down and internal organs feel best when not felt at all.

Perhaps my body is telling me I'm doing too much. Working 5 days and 4 nights is insane. I did it before, but that was all I did. Right now the running is more important than the extra work. I still want the bigger paychecks though :) I took off work on Friday and spent all weekend laying on the couch, except the few hours I exercised. It's too much!

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