Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 121 - The funny thing about 35 degrees

Tuesday's temperature was 35, which is a really difficult temperature for me. My clothing runs the gamut from warm weather gear to cold cold weather stuff and every combination in between. When it's sunny and 35, I wear shorts. Today was gray and 35, so I got out all the cold weather stuff - tights and pants, fleece lined undershirt, sweatshirt, warm gloves, warm hat, warm socks, everything but the gaiter and I only skipped that because I couldn't immediately find it. Within a mile I realized I was way overdressed for the temperature, but aside from taking off my hood and gloves and pushing up the sleeves of my hoodie, there wasn't much I could do.

Many days right around 1 mile I start dry heaving. My stomach contracts a few times, I spit, and keep going. Today, though, I pulled to a stop on Arlington and lost my lunch right on someone's front yard. Not only that, I got splashes on my pants. Gross!

The real question isn't what caused it, but what did I do next?

Did I....
(a) Limp home, call off work and drink apple juice?
(b) Knock on their door, apologize profusely and ask for a glass of water?
(c) hitchhike home?
(d) blow my nose and keep going?

Of course I kept going! I was a little dehydrated, but overall ok. Besides, what's a good marathon story without a little vomit? Ewwwwww!