Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 126 - My body is breaking down

The past two weeks have been rough. Working 5 days and 4 nights is bullsh!t and leaves no time for my body or my mind to relax. Getting a cold made everything worse and it seems like every cold moves my running back about 3 weeks. At this rate, I'm running as well as I did in January. Well, except I'm not running at all.

Last Sunday I did a 30-minute bike for a recovery, Tuesday was a 4-mile run, Wednesday was 45 minutes of cross training (biking). Everything was going great until Thursday. I was at work until 9:25 on Wednesday night, then had to be up at 6:10 on Thursday to spend the day in Lansing. I had every intention of running my 5 miles when I got home. Instead I sat down on the couch for a few minutes and was asleep by 6:15 pm.

Friday I was too tired for yoga, ready for bed at 7:15. My brother called and talked my ear off, but I was still asleep in bed by 10:15.

Saturday I woke up feeling awful. Aside from any violent puking, I had the flu. I was weak beyond belief, nauseous, especially at the thought or smell of food, headachy, light headed, weak weak weak and I couldn't stay awake. I was up around 9, spent a few minutes with my niece and nephew, but was back asleep by noon. Up at 3pm, then the Michigan game started at 9pm and I was asleep within minutes. What a waste of a day!

Today was marginally better. At least I can eat food again, although the thought of fried food still turns my stomach. I managed a short bike ride, figuring it was better than nothing. Not much better though! After 28 minutes, my stomach started feeling crampy so I rode it out to an even half hour and stopped.

The next two days are mid-winter break at school. The plan had been to finish my graduate thesis, which I haven't touched since this stupid work schedule change. The plan now, however, is to stay awake. What a horrible time for my body to start breaking down! THE RACE IS IN EIGHT WEEKS!!!!! Note to self: GET HEALTHY! NOW!

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