Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 132 - Getting my priorities in order

I have priorities and on Friday morning I made them crystal clear when I emailed my work colleague who had asked me to sub for the night class. I told her the truth - the class is great and the students are wonderful, but it's interfering with the training and I can't get derailed this close to the race. 7 weeks from right now I should be approaching the finish line!!!

I said I can finish the month she had originally asked me to do, which means one more week. It's good timing because my Tuesday and Thursday runs are getting longer. They were 3s for the longest time, then 4s. Next week they're both 5s and remain so until the last week.

Do I need the money from the extra class? Absolutely, yet this is week 19 in the training. I don't want to give it all up now for a few hundred dollars.

In other priorities, today's temperature is in the low 30s and windy with a cold index of 19. Tomorrow's forecast (blind guess) is low 40s. I don't like having a long run hanging over my head for Sunday, but it might be a good switch. Let me make some steel cut oatmeal, crumble in a little bacon, dice in an apple, and mix heavily with cinnamon, then see how the weather looks in a few hours.

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