Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 135 - Who the h@ll is Hal Higdon?

It's a terrible feeling to train for 19 weeks, then realize I'm not ready for the race. I've been good about following the program, but I realized several months in that I didn't pick a very good program, not to mention missing a 10-miler due to the flu and downgrading a 16 to a 10 because of the weather didn't do me any favors. Yes I'll still get across the finish line, but merely finishing isn't enough this time.

Several people have asked me if I'm following Hal Higdon's program. I'm not, at least I wasn't. This week, with 7 weeks to go, I decided to change my training program. The only noticeable difference is Wednesdays. The old program had me doing speed work or cross training. Hal prescribes long-ish runs.

Will it work or will it be too little too late? I'll find out in April. My problem on Sunday was that I realized I just haven't logged enough miles on my legs, so hopefully the change will help fix that. I'll have to do another 18 miler, but I feel totally ok with that. So long as it's sunny and warm-ish, I can find 3 hours to run. My Sunday pace would have me finish in 5:12, so I hope Hal can cut off those 12 minutes!

The irony, of course, is that I decided to change programs, but I'm taking a day off today. My legs feel 98% pain free, but with switching the long run to Sunday, I didn't have Monday as a completely-no-exercise-of-any-kind day. Besides I have to vote and work tonight and there aren't enough hours for everything. It's mostly about the rest and recovery moreso than the time and stuff to do. There's always stuff to do so running has to be a conscious priority every single day.

To paraphrase from Star Wars, "Help me Hal. You're my only hope."


  1. Michelle, You appear to have came a long way. You will be fine. Your nutrition is a Very important factor here. You are what you eat. Hal has a great program. At this point just getting plenty of miles in is important and if you are wanting a good time, Repeats, speedwork, and hills are good. But Be careful..They are also the very things that puts injury on the plate. Try to get a 5k in before your race, It is a good way to get your head in the game and your feet wet!!!

  2. Remember, you'll run a bit faster on race day, especially with only a few miles to go, you'll pick up the pace. With the weather getting nicer, that will help too.

  3. CDB, I'm definitely counting on good weather, yet I know that it snows in mid April. Hoping it's a nice spring and not awful like last year!